Creativity and Inspiration

OH the simple joy of creating a character and “discovering” how he would respond in a given situation. Oh the joy of creating that situation! 🙂 I had quite a fine 45 minute writing session today. Got those creative juices flowing.

I remember the first time it happened to me. That moment when you feel as though you are floating on the wind of inspiration and suddenly your writing doesn’t feel like work any more. I was writing about a planet. The planet Pridon. I started writing about how Pridon was more than half one huge city, and that the other part was a harsh wilderness that only the native people spent much time in. Then I started writing about the nature of the relationship between the “colonists” and the “natives” and then about cultural backgrounds, and then about politics and government and, get this, a five point compass instead of four. I remember feeling as though I was “discovering” this new and interesting planet, not actually creating it from scratch. It was a remarkable and exciting moment.

I’ve often thought of writing a story about this city-planet. Perhaps I will do something short. What do y’all think?

Today I spent time outlining my book. Finished chapter 2. (Just the outline mind you.) Had to find a way to make the hero become a pivotal part of the story so he would be pulled into the intrigue and surprises being planned by major characters. Found a somewhat unique way I think. Got me excited to see the plot coming together a little bit. 🙂 Stay tuned!