The Meaning of America

I know that there is a lot to be concerned about in our nation. There is no doubt that our society is headed for great destruction. Anyone with half a conscience can see the wholesale moral corruption of our land. I am genuinely and understandably concerned about the future of our entire society.
But I have been thinking (since Independence Day) about what the United States of America stands for in the world. At least, for that which it used to stand. Continue reading


The Prince of Little Faith

Here is a short story that illustrates how many Christians live in bondage even though their identity in Christ is one of freedom from sin. I hope this is an encouragement to you.

Once there was an orphan who had lived a life of bondage and fear, deceived by his captors. As a beggar, he wandered the streets and wallowed in filth. He lived as a slave, at every beck and call of the heartless and unkind slave owners that imprisoned him.

Then one day messengers arrive with the news that this little orphan has finally been adopted. And not just by anyone, but by the King himself. For some reason the King has chosen to love this poor little boy and bring him into the family. It is an official and legal adoption. This orphan is now the prince of the land, with all the privileges and authority that go with it. He now has authority over his captors, and complete freedom and victory. After all, the victories that the King has won belong to his family also, as heirs.

Only this former-orphan has a hard time believing this is true. Continue reading