Portraits – Mr. Johnny

Among the regulars of our restaurant, there is one that you might be able to call the “mayor” of the little community of consistent customers that come in every morning. His name is Mr. Johnny. He’s in his fifties, and everyone knows Mr. Johnny. He’s been coming to our store almost every day for Continue reading


Portraits – Mr. Ted

He comes walking across the parking lot, sort of waddling in a strange side to side fashion. Almost a limp. Yet he has an athletic build and walks with a great deal of energy. Almost as if he was once a track star or athlete and an old injury keeps him from really showing off any more. Continue reading

Portraits Series – Observations of Life from Behind the Counter

What is a portrait? It is a picture. It’s a window into the face, features, and deeper than that the personality, of the subject being portrayed. Traditionally the painter observes his subject and then portrays him, her, or it upon the canvas in a way that gives anyone who looks at the portrait a glimpse of the real person inside.

There is just one catch.

Continue reading