The Hunt for Red Chicken

The kitchen area at our fast food restaurant is a lot like the submarines you see on Hollywood movies. You know, movies like “The Hunt for Red October” or “U-571”, or others. These are, I assume, accurate to the nature and procedures of real submarines and their crew.

In these movies the basic method for operating the submarine or it’s weapons is is always to have an order given (“10 degrees on the dive plain”) and then it is immediately repeated by the crew member responsible for carrying out that order. (“10 degrees on the dive plain, Aye.”) Sometimes it’s repeated three times. (Captain – “All engines ahead full!” First Mate – “All engines ahead full!” Lowly sailor assigned to unglamerous throttle control – “Aye! Engines ahead full, aye sir!”)  Continue reading


Portraits – Mr. Johnny

Among the regulars of our restaurant, there is one that you might be able to call the “mayor” of the little community of consistent customers that come in every morning. His name is Mr. Johnny. He’s in his fifties, and everyone knows Mr. Johnny. He’s been coming to our store almost every day for Continue reading