The Biblical and Practical reasons I’m voting for Ted Cruz!

The Biblical and Practical reasons I’m voting for Ted Cruz!

Why I’m Endorsing Ted Cruz

By Jarod Hinton

Dear Friends, Family, Countrymen….lend me your ears!

Most people that know me are aware that I have chosen to vote for Ted Cruz in the Republican primary race for President of the United States. What is not commonly known are the reasons behind this decision. It is not my way to thrust my view point down someone’s throat. However, I hold my opinions strongly and thoughtfully, and I hope you will take some time to consider the points I raise in this essay. I will address my principled reasons first and secondly my practical reasons for supporting Senator Ted Cruz.  Continue reading


The Meaning of America

I know that there is a lot to be concerned about in our nation. There is no doubt that our society is headed for great destruction. Anyone with half a conscience can see the wholesale moral corruption of our land. I am genuinely and understandably concerned about the future of our entire society.
But I have been thinking (since Independence Day) about what the United States of America stands for in the world. At least, for that which it used to stand. Continue reading

My father…

Well, a day late but hopefully not a dollar short.

My father was a man of several faults, which he would willingly admit, …but I have seen those faults lessen and even disappear over time. That is better than I can say of many other men. The ability to admit you’re wrong and then change is the mark of humble manhood.

My father has a deep compassion for others. Especially for those who are lost sheep wandering from the Lord. He is a strong man with a tender heart. You will never hear him compromise on the Truth of God’s Word, but he deeply longs for others to find the joy and peace in Christ that he enjoys. This balance between truth and mercy is the mark of mature manhood.

My father has great passion and drive. He is passionate about (among other things) our nation, the rights of the unborn, and the Gospel going forth in the world. But his greatest passion is for his family. No other cause, no other mission, is so dear to him as to see his children walk in truth. He has given his greatest effort and invested the biggest part of himself into his family. That kind of self-sacrifice is the mark of a Christ-like man.

I greatly admire and love my Dad and I will always be grateful God gave me to him.

Happy Father’s Day!

Birthday, pre-cancer battle.

Birthday, pre-cancer battle.

Dad, with sister Katie.

Dad, with sister Katie.

Celebrating with grandson

Celebrating with grandson

Clinging to my Gun and my Religion

A few words that I hope will be encouraging to those of us that are very disappointed (to put it mildly) in the outcome of last night’s election.

Honestly, I’m stunned. I was very confident Romney would win, and that we would stave off the judgement of God a little longer. I was certain evil would not win the day! Boy was I wrong…  The forces of evil did succeed, and God “raised up” a leader who is as polar opposite of truly Biblical thinking and worldview as any that I can imagine. I suppose Vladimir Putin would be a worse president, but only by a slim margin. The Scripture says that God raises up one and puts down another. I feel put down, to change the usage there just a little. :o(

Part of me wants to go all “conspiracy” and start preparing for the end of modern civilization. Like the absolute breakdown of our entire economy, society, morals, communication, technology, and power-grid. I feel like I might have to hunt for our main courses, grow the rest of our food, and take turns with the men in our family sleeping on the porch with shotgun in hand to ward off the looters and scavengers. Or that I will begin to live out the book “1984”. George Orwell had it right, just about 30 years too early. Government’s about to get really huge and pushy, folks. Nosy too.

What would really make me fight tooth and nail is if the Government tries to tell me that I am endangering my children by taking them to a regular religious meeting, or some other crazy excuse, and tries to take them from me. You have never seen a parent with a faster trigger finger or more perfect aim, if things come to that extremity! So that part of me wants to cling to my gun, and prepare for the worst.

But another side of me (and neither of these points of view are necessarily opposite or incompatible) wants to cling to my “religion” in the sense that I know God is bigger than elections. I know he hasn’t been surprised by this, and he knew it was coming. Indeed he probably looked at Satan and said “Test my people. You may bring the fire.” when he permitted the Evil One to have a victory last night. (The Evil One being Satan, not Obama.) We cried out for God’s mercy, and this time he said “no.” Why are we surprised?

Mercy is by definition, undeserved. We should not be angry when the Lord does not grant the mercy we have requested. But there are so many other instances of the mercy of God being showered upon us all…we should be grateful, not disappointed.

But I digress from the point. My point is this: my “religion”, my faith, informs me that the Lord Jesus Christ sits as THE Ruler, not “a” ruler, but THE Eternal Ruler of the universe. He has held this position since time began. Shoot folks, he even invented TIME itself! He sees the end from the beginning. He has absolute wisdom, absolute power, absolute strength, and very importantly…absolute love for his children. He knows how to rule in the affairs of men a whole lot better than I do. I asked him for something, and he said no. I think I’ll just trust that he knows what he is doing. But no election, or evil triumph, or scary future….is so earth-shattering that it rattles my Lord Christ or ever strips him of ABSOLUTE authority.

Has God ever let me down in the past? No. Has he ever not cared for my needs? Nope! What about my family? Nada! Surely God needs electricity and grocery stores and viable currency to accomplish his will and provide for his children? AAAAAHHHHHIII don’t really see these things being a hindrance to the person who invented stars, the Moon, laws of physics, the human brain, every flower that is known to man, dinosaurs (a.k.a. dragons), and also knows the name of every hair on your head.  Nope, just don’t think it’s an issue.

So let’s remember whom we serve, whom we belong to, and that he knew last week what we would need today. 

Maybe I should just cling to him instead. Yeah, good idea Preacher. Thanks! ;o)

A Socialist Exposed

Anyone who cares about our country needs to read this article. We need to pass this around folks. America needs to know the real man behind the “Resolute Desk”.

Scary stuff. This is why we need to be involved as Christians in the public/political arena. We need to stop people like this. They are here, and they live among us. As believers we need to stand against the tide of evil.

A man who means what he says

Here is an article from Dr. Albert Mohler, one of the leading conservative evangelical voices in the world today. I like Dr. Mohler’s courage to speak up and take a stand on important issues relating to our culture and the Church in our western world. Even if his theology is not my own in every area, he is still a wise and godly leader.

This article is one that he wrote on presidential candidate Rick Santorum. It is excellent and though provoking. Pay special attention to the end of the article where Dr. Mohler points out that Rick Santorum is attacked because people believe he means what he says. That seems to be a good thing in a political leader. OK, no more stalling:

Spurgeon Quote

Found in a larger article by the late Dr. Henry Morris on the ICR website:

“We must defend the Faith, for what would have become of us if our fathers had not maintained it?…Must we not play the man as they did? If we do not, are we not censuring our Fathers? It is very pretty, is it not, to read of Luther and his brave deeds. Of course, everybody admires Luther! Yes, yes, but you do not want anyone else to do the same today….We admire a man who is firm in the Faith, say four hundred years ago;…but such a man today is a nuisance, and must be put down. Call him a narrow-minded bigot, or give him a worse name if you can think of one. Yet imagine that in those ages past Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, and their compeers had said, “The world is out of order; but if we try to set it right we shall only make a great row, and get ourselves into disgrace. Let us go to our chambers, put on our night-caps and sleep over the bad times, and perhaps when we wake up, things would have grown better.” Such conduct upon their part would have entailed upon us a heritage of error. These men loved the Faith and the name of Jesus too well to see them trampled on. Note that we owe them, and let us pay to our sons the debt we owe to our fathers.”

Amen, Brother Spurgeon. Amen.