The Modest Mom Giveaway!

In recent days I’ve been on the look out for a few pieces of modest clothing.  I’ve just about lost the last of the baby weight from Elisha Philip and sewing time is at a premium.  I stumbled upon the Modest Mom Blog and Deborah & Co (then the Modest Mom) on an internet search engine and have been so blessed by both.  In celebration of their new name, Deborah & Co, and their new website they are hosting a grand giveaway valued at $250 to one winner.  Lots and lots of prizes.  You really should head on over and check it out and support this uncompromising, family business.

Deborah and Co.


Fall Family Outing

Every year our family tries to make it up to northern Georgia to get apples. It is a wonderful chance to enjoy the fall colors and weather, have a little family adventure, and get three or four bushels of apples to make apple sauce, apple jelly, apple butter, etc. We made quite the journey out of it. Come experience this with us!

We spent some time looking for a spot for a picnic, complete with picnic tables and a play ground. At about 1:00 we settled for a grassy spot outside a secluded subdivision. Turned out very nicely. It was quiet and safe, and we enjoyed our selves!

Elisha seemed to really get into it. He sure is full of smiles.

The children had a good time climbing the trees and just chasing each other in the grass. It really was very pleasant, and it reminded me of how a little creativity can turn a hum-drum location into a great family memory. It’s funny how we always seem to seek the spectacular, but it is the simpler things that bring us the most lasting joy.

“Watch this Daddy!” How I love to hear that. 🙂

After about three hours in the car we arrived at our favorite little apple stand, just across the border into South Carolina. They sell apple cider, apple jellies, fried apple pies, and many other fun treats of the season. We spent about an hour there.

The children (and, truth be told, Anna too) enjoyed picking a bag full of apples. They picked some of the very best apples, and had a wonderful time walking through the small orchard.

The Picker’s Parade

Sharing fried apple pies together. I really like Ezekiel’s expression. Elisha did get some, just not in this picture.  🙂

Six bushels purchased and loaded. We get a good enough deal on the apple’s themselves to make the trip worth it financially. But I’d have to say that the trip is “worth it” for many other reasons than just the savings. Memory building, having fun together, enjoying life together…these things are what helps families stick together during the hard times. It builds relationships and encourages family harmony.

And I could not end this post without pointing out that while I was the chauffeur for this journey, this lovely woman was the brains and creativity behind it all.  My dear wife makes me better as a father, as a husband, and as a man. She improves my life in every area, and I am deeply blessed to have such a woman by my side.

I’d encourage everyone to consider something like this to make a regular part of your family life.   God bless your day!

Frugal Photo Friday: Tee Shirt Dresses

I don’t know about others, but I love to recycle clothes and I love to sew for my children and when I can combine those two I have a lot of fun!  During this time in my little one’s life we get and use lots of hand-me-downs and there are always tons of tee shirts.  Here’s a simple way to use up some of the extras: Tee Shirt Dresses!

The purple dress was actually free.  I cut the skirt from a stained church dress (found in one set of hand-me-downs) that I couldn’t get clean and attached it to the coordinating tee (found in another set of hand-me-downs)!  The green and brown dress cost $0.50 for the 1/2 a yard of $1 fabric.  I already had the lace.  I did splurge a little on the cupcake dress as it was for her birthday because I really wanted teal/blue cupcake fabric, but I still only spent $2!  I already had the ribbon seen on the hem line left over from our wedding (uhum…definitely time to use it up!).

A very sweet Daddy dressing her baby in her matching cupcake dress (made from a plain cut off 3 month onesie and scrap fabric.)

Pretty dresses don’t slow her down any!

Visiting a special friend.

Well, this is the last week of Frugal Photo Friday.  I’ve enjoyed participating and hope I’ve not bored you too badly!  😉  Head on over to Money Saving Mom and Simply Rebekah for more Frugal Photos and fun money saving ideas.

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life

I don’t think my issue is so much discipline as focus… I get easily distracted and before I know it I’ve got way too many….hey, did I get that last load of laundry folded? What are the children doing? 😉 You get the idea. Before long I have too many things going at once. Looking forward to reading this e-book and seeing if it gives me some follow through ideas. 🙂 Care to join me? It’s only $0.99 today! Still worth the money at the regular price though, if you see this after the 25th.

Click on this link to learn more about the book and to purchase directly.

Frugal Photo Friday: Useful Birthday Gifts

In our family birthdays are a BIG deal!  We love parties and spending time with family as we celebrate the special person of the day.   And don’t forget the presents!!   But I refuse to throw money away on toys that they’re not even going to be playing with in a month.  Now don’t get me wrong, we do buy fun gifts and some of them are toys, but often our kiddos are given useful presents and they LOVE them.

For her 2nd birthday our daughter was given a Bissel 3-in-1 vac.  She was so short that she used it for quite a while without the handle.  She’s now 3, uses the full length handle and vacuums almost as well as I do.  Precious girl has begun trying to teach her 14 month old brother how to clean the floor.  So I’m thinking we may be buying a blue version in 10 months! 😉

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