Remarkable Video

Northern Lights above AlaskaThis is simply amazing! The following link will take you to NASA’s astronomy picture of the day site. It is a video, perhaps time-lapse, taken of the earth from the international space station. Further details are given under the video. You simply have to see it! Go ahead and click it and then come back and read my thoughts.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

That video brought tears to my eyes when I think about the majesty of the Lord who created it all. It is beautiful, particularly the part with the aurora borealis! It is just amazing to think about the grand-ness, the majesty, the beauty, and the complexity of the world that we live in, and then to remember the beautiful, grand, and glorious Creator who made it and set us as the caretakers of it.

He is a great and wonderful Lord!


Created for Relationship

Here is another blast from the past, a post from 2006:

This morning I took a walk. It is a rather nice walk actually, considering I live in town. There is this road that I walk on that almost feels like I’m in the country, especially when I get to the top of the hill and look out over the pasture and see the horses grazing.

But this morning I noticed a bird singing. More than one actually. And God brought something to my mind. Continue reading

The Accusation

I’ve heard the accusation all my life: “Isn’t that a cult?”  “[So-and-so] is a cult organization.” “Yeah, that’s just a cult.” To be honest, I’m sick of it. How is a cult defined? Why is this accusation thrown around so easily? It seems that when one side doesn’t have any logical argument to make, they just pull out the tried and true “that sounds a lot like a cult” line, and their opponents just cower and back off. Excuse me? *sigh* I’m just tired of hearing “cult” all the time. Let’s at least define it properly. That’s part of the problem. “Cult” is a word that can be loosely defined to mean whatever the user wants it to mean.

Here is an article that illustrates this, from Ken Ham’s blog.

Believing in a Literal Adam and a Literal Fall Makes Us a Cult? | Around the World with Ken Ham.