Spirit Blade

Again, working on the title for this one still.

The Sword of Victory

The Sword of Light

Spirit Blade

Blade Spiritus (Latin for “spirit/breath”)

Spiritus Gladius (Spirit’s Sword in Latin)

Flamen’s Sword (flamen = Latin for “holy spirit”)

The Edge of the Wind

A Sword in the Darkness

The Light of the Darkness

A Light in the Darkness

The Blade of Light in the Darkest Night

  • One teenager, Chris Didasku, is given a great gift. For purposes he doesn’t understand, he is given a sword that has the unique ability to be seen and used in both the physical and the spiritual realm. It becomes one of the tools he uses to battle the forces of evil in his life and the lives of his friends and classmates. He is sometimes given the ability to see the spiritual world with his physical eyes. He is then able to use that perspective to more effectively fight evil and help the good. But he is not always granted this unique perspective. It comes and goes. Not every solution is found in combating the forces of darkness “physically”. Sometimes a more spiritually based weapon must be used.

His right hand is empowered with the ability to use the sword, while his left hand only creates problems if he tries to use it instead of his right. OR He is only victorious if he uses the Sword. When trying to attack the forces of darkness without it he is helpless and sees only temporary victory, if any at all. He must practice with the sword in order to be more effective and more skilled in it’s use. The more he practices, the lighter and stronger the sword becomes. The Sword is symbolic of the Word of God.

The opposition he faces would be various and clever. His ultimate enemy is Satan, who is of course very clever and cunning. (Would not confront Satan, only lesser demons.) Not necessarily coming from the same place, but from difference sources. Much of his physical opposition could come from a group bent on advancing humanistic and demonic agendas in the world. A cult of some kind.

Possible Characters:

¨      Chris Didasku – Christian teenager committed to high standards in his declining and sinful world. Is made fun of for his “strange” beliefs and the behaviors those beliefs demand. Dislikes being the “weird” one. Wants to fit in somewhere. He is unwilling to sacrifice his convictions just to fit in, but wishes someone would accept him even with his “weird beliefs.” Even his friends at church, most of them, are compromised with the world in order to be “cool.” He has a strong family support, except for the fact that his father ran off and divorced his mother. He has three younger siblings: two sisters and a brother.

¨      The Brotherhood of Eternal Unity, The Association for the Advancement of Unity, The Association for Eternal Unity, Global Eternal Teachers of Unity – A group of humanists and political activists who seek to advance the humanistic agenda in Chris Didasku’s school and community. They also employ the use of occult/demonic symbols and rituals to give them power and aid in their cause. This however is a closely guarded secret and only those deeply involved are allowed to participate or even know about it.
They have spies, even among the teenagers. They are anxious to find out why they are suddenly facing losses in the great battle, where as before they seemed to operate with very little resistance. They do not know of Chris at first, but find out about him later on. Chris knows only rumors about this group that he hears around school. He also learns more as time passes. The teenagers commonly refer to them as “Power Chasers” but some whisper that they are really “Demon Chasers.”
The group presents a friendly, community servant-like front, while holding a larger agenda secret. (Kind of like a communist front organization.) Could be a political action group with occult and demonic motivations at the core, among the highest leadership. (Perhaps even unknown to the leadership.)

¨      Amy Didasku – Chris’ mother, she works hard to provide for her small family. Her husband left them five years ago, and she has struggled to recover from that hurt. However, her heavenly Father has been helping her to forgive and heal. She doesn’t hear from her husband at all, and he refuses to pay child-support. Still, God provides for their financial needs. Amy still maintains a small hope that someday her husband will repent and they will be reunited. She grew up in a Christian home, her parents being missionaries in Africa. When strange things begin to happen in the town, and her son seems to be more and more involved, she begins to worry. She has some familiarity with the occult, hearing stories and things, because of her time in Africa and the witchdoctors that lived nearby. Onces she discovers the truth about Chris’ involvement in fighting evil, she gives her son wise advice and support. Amy has four children, including Chris.


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