Past All Ends

Title is a work in progress on this one.

An Inconvenient Machine

Inventing the Truth

6,000 Years: Traveling through Time

Surprised by Time


The Beginning

Past All Ends

Ending the Past

***A professor [or grad student/teaching assistant] of physics at a modern university has an interest/hobby of ancient history. He “accidentally” discovers a principle of science that unlocks the secret of time travel. He is a believer in the theory of evolution and decides to go back and observe some of those fantastic creatures and also perhaps find the “missing link”. He hopes to bring back evidence. He attempts to go back 1,000,000 years, but while looking at his instrument panel, once it reaches 6,000 years in the past, the machine shuts down and all power is lost to his home and surrounding neighborhood. He finds himself in his own time, confused as to the reason for the malfunction. He attempts to go back 50 years, 100 years, 500 years, 2000 years…all successfully and with much excitement. He tries again to go further back than the 6,000 year mark, but again everything shuts down and he’s back in his basement. Eventually he discovers that the reason this happens is because time does not exist past 6,000 years!

Through other fantastic experiences and investigation he realizes that evolution cannot be true and that the Designer made the universe. He comes to reject humanism/materialism and becomes a believer in Jesus Christ. [Or maybe just admits God exists and begins to search for him. Possible soul-searching conversation with Albert Einstein.] (Perhaps even becomes a Christian at the Cross itself.) [Notes: Flash of light as he passes the time when Christ died, as that is the culmination/pivotal point of all time and history. Sees a dinosaur when he does not expect to find one.]

Conversation with Abraham would lead Prof. to uncover genealogy in Genesis, showing precise age of the earth based on when Abraham was alive. Would correspond exactly to how far back the professor can go before his machine shuts down.

Cliff-hanger would be that someone in a major humanistic organization/think tank discovers his secret from one of his fellow professors and tries to shut him up and or kill him.


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