Galaxy Heroes

This one is just for fun mainly, but sometimes those make the best stories. It would be a story incorporating all of these characters joining forces to defeat an evil tyrant. Uncovering a conspiracy and defeating evil. I have the first chapter of this one written already, if you’d care to read it. Let me know.


            Location: Planet Zastar

            Power: Can shoot stars and rides on a star. (Or star shaped vehicle.)

Zas grew up on Zastar. His real name is not known to anyone but his immediate family. Zas is a nickname. His vehicle, a Photon 3000, uses light energy to propel itself through space. When in a planet’s atmosphere it uses a normal ion engine. His particular ship is named “The Centauri” and is considered the fastest ship in the known galaxy. Zastarian men can energize certain power cells, worn on their wrists, with the photons in their bloodstream. These power cells allow them to shoot bursts of light from their hands, and they can learn to adjust the light to do various tasks at will. (simulate flash bombs, lasers, force fields, tables, etc.) The power cells must be recharged for 30 minutes every 65 days, and they completely wear out after 2 years, depending on their use. They are also rather expensive and usually only available to those connected in the Zastarian government.



            Location: Planet “Ventosus”

            Power: Wind powers

The Planet Ventosus is a mysterious world. Somehow it’s inhabitants have been able to harness the power of the wind in ways that the rest of the universe cannot understand. It is a very closely guarded secret among the Ventosians. They even have a special desert made from wind and salt. Sail has decided to use the secret technology of her people for the benefit of others. She has the ability to bring hurricane force winds to any place on any planet, as long as the planet has an oxygen based atmosphere. She can also direct the wind at will, allowing her to “blow” herself and her friends (and enemies) up onto buildings, over water, etc. She can even send a gust of breeze to blow a piece of paper off the table. No one knows how she does this. Among her people she is regarded as a princess.



            Location: Planet Fergo (flat planet bordered by giant walls of ice on all four sides)

            Power: Ice powers

Many people believed the planet Fergo to be uninhabited when it was first discovered. This was because the people of the planet were so reclusive and well hidden. Their society is very withdrawn and does not show emotion quickly. (“Icy” some have said.) They are however very polite and value honor and bravery extremely high. A Fergolian will never tell a lie. Fame left his planet for some unknown reason and doesn’t like to talk about it. He and his people have the ability to create an ice shield around any object they touch. The ice is as hard as steel, and the bigger the object the harder it is to do. This allows them to take a flimsy twig and make it rock hard and razor sharp. Thus they are considered to be better at hand to hand, close-combat fighting than any other race in the galaxy. Fame himself was a fighting champion in the great “Ferganosh Battle Arena”.



            Location: Planet Roo-mush

            Power: Atomic

Nuke is a powerful female from the planet Roo-mush. Her planet is made of 80% Uranium, causing almost unbearable radiation to anyone not from her planet. (Visitors must be given suits lined with lead.) Consequently, Nuke’s people have a great resistance to radiation burns and poisoning. But when on other planets, Nuke has amazing atomic powers. She can heat up any part of her body to the point of melting steel and most other metals just by touching them. She can also propel herself (and other objects) through the air by directing the atomic energy of her body in the opposite direction that she wants to go. The people from Roo-mush are very friendly and enthusiastic. Some of them have “explosive” tempers, but Nuke is pretty cheerful all the time. She also has an involuntary tendency to glow in the dark.  :o)



            Location: Planet “Apparatus”

            Power: Mechanical & Weapons

Apparatus has hardly any vegetation at all. (The air is too full of combustible chemicals.) So the people of that planet have had to learn to use machines for everything from creating breathable oxygen to making the food they eat. (Very slimy, oily food. No one except the Apparatians really like it.) Crane is able to fix, or build, almost any machine or mechanical part. (Including weapons.) He also has an amazing brain for puzzles and riddles of all kinds. He is extremely logical, as are his people. He is also a fairly good pilot, but prefers to spend his time tinkering in the shop. To date he has 629 inventions registered with the Intergalactic Patent office. 



            Location: Planet Bottle

            Power: Speed & Vision

Kork comes from a planet that spins much faster than most of the class 3 planets. Therefore even the slowest of her people are able to move and run, and talk, three to four times faster than any other race in the galaxy. Kork was a track champion on her planet, running faster than most other “Bottlenecks”. Everything she does is fast, except for eating. Somehow, once off her planet, she enjoyed food so much that she decided to take her time. Only in the most extreme emergencies can she be convinced to eat quickly. She has special shoes that have excellent traction and hardly ever slip. She can usually even run up buildings and walls that are not too high. She also has excellent vision and can see twice as far as most others and six times as much detail. Her great speed allows her to be practically invisible in most situations because she can move from one place to another with out people seeing her, and only feeling a slight breath of wind.



            Location: Planet “Volubilis”

            Power: Changeling

When planet Volubilis was first discovered, the humans who discovered it thought it was Earth. It was simply an exact duplicate of Earth at the time. The entire planet is comprised of a substance that changes shape and density according to the needs of it’s inhabitants. Switch was once a citizen of Volubilis who participated in secret government experiments. These experiments melded her DNA with that of the main substance of her planet. Hence she gained shape-shifting ability. However, she needs an atmosphere to shift in. (She cannot shape-shift in a vacuum.) Her skills as a changeling have improved with time. To date she can do any shape no smaller than two feet square and no larger than ten feet square. She continues to practice her changeling skills. She is better at imitating visual shapes than voices. She seeks to move on from her dark past and make life better for others.



            Location: Space Station “Quibus”

            Power: Strength & Persuasion

Lifter was raised by space mercenaries and is therefore more comfortable in space stations and ships than on a planet. She was basically “left on the door step” of a hardened but kind mercenary, and no one knows who her parents are or where she comes from. So there is very little explanation for her unique ability to persuade people to do what she suggests. From childhood she has been able to convince one person at a time to do whatever she desires them to do. It can only be resisted by certain races in the galaxy, and by those with a very strong will. Her adopted father recognized this early, and has taught her to use her power for good and not for evil or selfish purposes. She was also given bio-chip strength implants when a teenager, and has since developed the strength of 10 grown men.


Axle –

            Location: Planet “Rabidus Carptor”

            Power: Chemistry & Intelligence

Axle’s people are famous for experimenting. They have been doing it for hundreds of years. They are also a very intelligent people, capable of understanding complicated information easily. This, coupled with their constant experiments, has given them unusual knowledge about how things work and why. Axle has invented a device he wears on his back which, when loaded with the proper chemicals, gives him the ability to secrete certain elements in different combinations from his hands. This means he can (among other things) shoot fire balls, create adhesive for climbing, develop highly corrosive acid, and even release knock-out gas, all from his hands. A normal person couldn’t make this device work, but Axle’s immense knowledge of chemistry and other factors allows him to be very precise. However, his curiosity sometimes causes him to make dangerous combinations.  



            Location: Planet “Experior Statua”

            Power: Invulnerability

Planet Test Dummy is extremely dense in mass, with excessively harsh conditions and temperatures. It’s people are quite hardy, and can endure most any environment in the known 12 quadrants except outer space. But on top of this, Crash seems to be impervious to any kind of hurt. Heat, cold, knives, falls from great heights…none of them have done him any damage that he can remember. Thus far every weapon that has ever been tried on him has failed to harm him. No weakness has been found yet, though Crash himself believes that he could suffocate. He only requires trace amounts of oxygen to survive and can hold his breath for approximately four hours. But Crash is not interested in testing the limits of this gift, despite his reputation as a dare-devil. He loves his family and seeks to bring justice to those who cannot defend or speak for themselves.


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