Earthstring the Great

Earthstring the Great


¨      Earthstring – The greatest of all the Eagles. The mightiest, swiftest, and largest that has ever been recorded in the history of the Eagles. It was said that only an invisible cord attached from the ground to his ankle would keep Earthstring from soaring into the stars. He even sometimes spoke to the men-people, a very brave act for any of the bird-kind. A prince among his people in the old days, he was betrayed by one he loved, and went into exile full of bitterness and pain. Anger filled him, and he secluded himself from all contact with anyone. He swore never again to take to the air, but to dwell upon the earth in holes and caves. For a time he lived in fear of his life, but when his enemies grew tired of searching they gave up the hunt. A rumor was then circulated that Earthstring had died, and it was promoted by the birds of lesser character that he was a traitor and had run as a coward. But all the good birds knew that he would never do such a thing, and in secret whispers continued to tell their hatchlings of the greatest eagle ever to live, Earthstring the Great!

¨      Earthstring the Great – The story would follow a boy and a bird (sparrow, robin, hawk?) who are friends (unlikely though it may be) and come upon Earthstring’s hut/cave/hiding place. Together they convince him to lead a revolution against the evil duke of the land, (Victor?), who has oppressed both man and bird alike. (Would Duke be a bird or a man?)


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