About Us

– Jarod –

No, it was not champagne in those cups. We are just that happy!

I am a follower of, and a believer in, the Lord Jesus Christ. Before anything else can be understood about me, I must be known in that context. He is everything to me. He sustains all things (including me) by the Word of His power.

I sensed the call to preach when I was six years old. I have sought to follow that calling ever since. God has opened some interesting doors for me and I am a very blessed man. I preach whenever I have an audience/opportunity, be that an audience of one or one-thousand. I even tend to preach without meaning to.

I enjoy writing (when I make the time to do it) and I have posted some of my work here for your encouragement, entertainment, and instruction. The best way to get to know “about” me is to check out some of my work. This is my personal blog and includes some of my half-baked ideas and less than polished work. Also links and other interesting things.

I live in Georgia with my wife and three children. Being a husband and a father is one of the greatest joys of my life, and I am deeply blessed and humbled to have been entrusted with such treasures from the Lord.

I do not currently preach anywhere on a regular basis, but I am open to most any opportunity to speak the Truth when God gives me that chance. Feel free to contact me if you need a guest speaker or pulpit supply.

– Anna –

I’m a southern girl. I love the country and country living. Most of all I love my Lord Jesus Christ and his Word. I cherish my husband and treasure the children God has given us.  I’m grateful to be made woman, with all of it’s wonderful stages: daughter, sister, wife, mother.  What life, what joy!


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