About this Blog

This blog is by a preacher. [And his wife.] A preacher who writes. [His wife does that too.] A preacher who writes about God. [Both of us find Him popping into our writing on a regular basis.] A preacher who writes about God and politics. [Or is it “statesmanship”? Seeking to shape the culture here. A little maybe.] A preacher who writes about God, politics, and current events. [Including the current happenings of a 30-something couple with three (so far) small children.] A preacher who writes about God, politics, current events, and the life issues that impact each of us. [And pretty much anything else that we would find interesting or useful.]

It is designed for the curious, the searching, the bored, the hungry, the hopeless, and the friends of such huddled masses as would find the ponderings of said couple to be of any interest or benefit. Perhaps the ponderings of people throughout the ages have never benefited anyone. It is only those times that people have declared the mind of Christ as revealed in the Scriptures that they have done anyone any good at all.

Perhaps that is what this blog is really about. Having the mind of Christ.

Actually, you are probably here to read what my wife contributes to this blog. She is much more practical in her advice, and I’d venture to say she has a more faithful following also. She posts about life as it is, and brings richness and beauty to an otherwise very typical blog.

So whether you are wanting a good analogy connecting the mundanness of grocery shopping to matters of eternal significance… or just a good way to save money on said groceries, you’ve found the right place.

What do you think?

Ponder here for a while


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