Thoughts from Sunday on Monday: A Kingdom Calling

A post on “Sermonettes”, and excellent blog by a handsome fellow. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day…


St. Patrick’s Day is not just a holiday about Irish stuff. It isn’t just a day for remembering we have that green suit jacket in the closet, or having an excuse for pinching our party-pooping friends. (You know who you are!)

It’s a day for remembering the “missionary mindset” that all Christians should adopt and encourage. It’s a real holiday with a real reason behind it. Much like Christmas get’s turned into materialism and Easter gets turned into egg laying bunnies, St. Patrick’s day is about so much more than green beer and shamrocks.

Separating myth from fact is sometimes difficult when you are talking about history that is 1600-1700 years old. But here are the facts that I know.

Patrick was actually an Englishman who was captured as a boy by pirates and sold into slavery in Ireland. After a few years (probably not 12) as a slave he…

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