My father…

Well, a day late but hopefully not a dollar short.

My father was a man of several faults, which he would willingly admit, …but I have seen those faults lessen and even disappear over time. That is better than I can say of many other men. The ability to admit you’re wrong and then change is the mark of humble manhood.

My father has a deep compassion for others. Especially for those who are lost sheep wandering from the Lord. He is a strong man with a tender heart. You will never hear him compromise on the Truth of God’s Word, but he deeply longs for others to find the joy and peace in Christ that he enjoys. This balance between truth and mercy is the mark of mature manhood.

My father has great passion and drive. He is passionate about (among other things) our nation, the rights of the unborn, and the Gospel going forth in the world. But his greatest passion is for his family. No other cause, no other mission, is so dear to him as to see his children walk in truth. He has given his greatest effort and invested the biggest part of himself into his family. That kind of self-sacrifice is the mark of a Christ-like man.

I greatly admire and love my Dad and I will always be grateful God gave me to him.

Happy Father’s Day!

Birthday, pre-cancer battle.

Birthday, pre-cancer battle.

Dad, with sister Katie.

Dad, with sister Katie.

Celebrating with grandson

Celebrating with grandson


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