First Week of School!!

Here’s a glimpse of our first week of school.  ‘Twas a few weeks later than planned due to sickness, but great fun none the less!  🙂

Two very happy home-schooled children!

“Driving” the match box cars on the masking tape, number roads.

Not to be left out! Homeschooling at it’s best!

Silliness! 🙂

Memories preserved.

One thing this Momma learned the first week of school: we’ve been doing “school” these last four years!!  😉  Life is good…I am blessed…


3 thoughts on “First Week of School!!

  1. I am blessed too, by your “BLESSINGS”! Thank you so much for my card. Tell them it is proudly displayed on my refrigerator and that I love it and them!

  2. I remember Michael Farris saying years ago, in the beginning of national home-schooling, he would not nor should not be considered a success until the next generations homeschooled! I remember how that one statement from a column he wrote resounded in me with the ever so gentle leading to generational living my God was building in my life! Thank you for blessing the grandparents with a vision they can hold close and know afresh our God reigns. While we are not doing the ‘nuts and bolts’, we get the honor of praying and watching!

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