Frugal Photo Friday: Useful Birthday Gifts

In our family birthdays are a BIG deal!  We love parties and spending time with family as we celebrate the special person of the day.   And don’t forget the presents!!   But I refuse to throw money away on toys that they’re not even going to be playing with in a month.  Now don’t get me wrong, we do buy fun gifts and some of them are toys, but often our kiddos are given useful presents and they LOVE them.

For her 2nd birthday our daughter was given a Bissel 3-in-1 vac.  She was so short that she used it for quite a while without the handle.  She’s now 3, uses the full length handle and vacuums almost as well as I do.  Precious girl has begun trying to teach her 14 month old brother how to clean the floor.  So I’m thinking we may be buying a blue version in 10 months! 😉

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