And the winner is…*drumroll*

Ladies and Gentlemen, the results are in. After two weeks (ish) of voting and/or commenting we have a winner in the “What shall I write” competition. This winner does not necessarily get the rights to be the first book published by yours truly, however it will weigh heavily in my decision. After all, I would like it to sell moderately well and so I must consider the demands of the people! :o)

The winner in the polls, with a landslide victory, was “Past All Ends”, finishing with 43% of the vote. In a distant second was “The Lost Son of David” with 26% of the vote. However, that was not the only way for the public to weigh in on this hotly contested debate. The comment section also gave voters the opportunity to lend their voice to the fray. And this added extra nuance because voters could mention a secondary choice instead of just a “Top Pick”.

So giving 2 points for a mention as a “top choice” in the comments section, and allowing one point for any “second choice” mention, and then adding one point for every vote cast in the electronic poll……the final victor, with 15 total votes, is

“The Lost Son of David”!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this. It was fun, and it gives me a little glimpse of what people would like to read, especially those that I know. We will see where this goes from here.

The final results are displayed below:

Lost Son of David = 15

Past All Ends = 13

Spirit Blade = 7

Stories for Children = 6

Dipsoukhos Chronicles = 3

Galaxy Heroes = 2

Earthstring = 2

Thanks again everyone! Have a great week! I will try to keep you updated as things develop.


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