Waiting for the Good Stuff

So tonight, in an incident with my 4 year old son, I had a snapshot of my life with the Lord over the last three years or so. We had some ice cream to give the children as dessert, but we require them to clean their plates before dessert is served. Tonight we decided not to tell them what the dessert was until it was time to bring it out. My son got done quickly so as to get the “prize”, and came to me to ask for his promised reward. His sister was not quite done, and there were some other reasons it wasn’t the right time to bring out the treats. The exchange went something like this:

Son: “Daddy, can I have my prize now?”

Daddy: “It’s not quite the right time buddy. Not just yet.”

Son, starting to cry and complain: “But I finished my food…”

Daddy, stopping the fussing in its tracks: “Now wait a minute, I just want you to wait patiently until I decide the time is right. We’ll bring out the good stuff in a minute.”

Son, still struggling to hold back the tears: “But how long do I have to wait?”

Daddy, starting to tear up himself because he sees the parallel to what God has been asking of him these last few years, and having compassion on the struggle within his son to wait: “Son, do you trust me?”

Son: “Yes.”

Daddy: “Do you believe me when I say that the good stuff is coming later?”

Son: “Yes”

Daddy, fighting back tears because he didn’t expect to be on the “Father” side of this discussion after so many times speaking like the “Son”, and also because his tears are causing more struggle in his boy: “All right, then I just need you to wait on me to decide when the time is right. It will be ok. I promise the good stuff is coming later.”

Son, finally submitting quietly, though still with tears in his eyes: “Yes, sir.”

And then of course this Daddy had to swallow the big old lump in his throat and compose himself. I realized I had just been given a mini-moment of understanding into the heart of God when he asks us to wait. There was no way for my son to really understand, even if I had told him, the nuances of reasoning that went into asking him to wait for his reward. He just simply had to trust me to make good on my promise, and to love him, and to know exactly when and where to bring out “the good stuff.”

And how much is that like what I have been dealing with God about. Asking me to wait on Him, with no hint or inclination that what I hope for will be realized any time soon. “But how long do I have to wait?” :o) He just says wait. But I think he knows what he is doing, and I trust him to be a good Father.

Thank the Lord that he is a better father than I am! And if I, “being evil, know how to give good gifts unto [my] children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?” Matt. 7:11


11 thoughts on “Waiting for the Good Stuff

  1. Thank you Jarod for sharing your teachable moment. It is so very true that God is Good (I John 4:7&8) yet we do not trust Him to be good or wish Him to do His promised good for us NOW. Blessings, Joe Schroeder

  2. Oh Jarod….this was a wonderful “turning on light bulb” moment for us all. Sometimes we get so overcome with all of the “important” things that we are involved in that we seem to forget all the good stuff we have coming later! Thank you for this!

  3. The end of the story is that he did get his ice cream, rather soon really after our little exchange. We enjoyed the ice cream and the fellowship for the rest of the evening. *sigh* Just wonderful times.

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