Primary Priorities: A Word about Political Apathy

What has happened to the Christian idea about a civic duty?

My wife and I were astounded by how many people we personally know that did not vote in our statewide Republican primary for president on “Super Tuesday.” Now, I am not wanting to bash these friends into the ground, because I realize there are times when voting really is impossible. However, I do believe many people do not vote in the primary simply because they do not consider it important enough. It is not a priority.

Why is that? Why do we Christians think that voting in the primary is not a big deal? (Assuming this assessment is true. This is based on some personal experiences and some general apathy I hear from a lot of people in my work.) If we are unhappy with the candidate we are asked to vote for in November, then we need to participate in the selection process for chosing the best candidate. This means voting in primaries. 

Personally, I don’t want to have to vote for a John McCain ever again. I’m not sure if Mitt Romney is very much better. So voting in the primary is important to me. If y’all don’t mind just voting in lock-step for whomever the Republicans nominate, then I understand that you wouldn’t vote in the primary. But if you care about what kind of man the Republicans nominate, and whom you will vote for in November, then you should take the time to research and vote for the best candidate in the primary. I mean it just makes sense people.

There is fast coming a day when I will not be able to vote for the Republican candidate. I do have some principles, and if that candidate violates too many of them he will not get my vote. I’m not sure where that line is yet, but it feels like we are getting closer to it all the time. Would someone please smack the Republican leadership around a little bit?


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