Created for Relationship

Here is another blast from the past, a post from 2006:

This morning I took a walk. It is a rather nice walk actually, considering I live in town. There is this road that I walk on that almost feels like I’m in the country, especially when I get to the top of the hill and look out over the pasture and see the horses grazing.

But this morning I noticed a bird singing. More than one actually. And God brought something to my mind.  Those birds are praising the Lord. They, along with all creation, sings praise to the great Creator. (Psalms talks about this.) But why? What is it about the song of a bird, or the swimming of a whale, or the amazing detail of honey bee communication, that brings glory to the Lord? Well, it’s because they are doing what they were created to do.

In much the same way we admire an engineer/inventor when we see his creations do what they are intended to do, and even more so when they do that activity in spite of years and hardships (“takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin'”) so do we also admire the Creator when we observe his creations functioning according to their design.

A bird was made to sing. (Among other things.) A horse was made to run. A rose was made to smell nice. But what was I made for? Why did God make man?

Was it to build great cities? Nah. Was it to build great ministries? Nope, that’s not it either. Well, surely we were created to be good people, nice people? No…that’s not quite there. That is what we were created as, but not what we were created for. God created us good, but what was his major purpose for that first perfect man?

God created Adam for fellowship, relationship, with himself. Adam’s purpose was to have an intimate relationship with the Lord, something that the animal kingdom could not enjoy to the same degree. That is what we were made to do. To commune with him on a spiritual level. When sin messed that all up, God was willing to sacrifice his only Son (at least for three days) in order to fix what was broken. When we fellowship with the Lord, we are praising and glorifying Him in the same way that bird does. By doing what we were made to do in the first place……

Know Him


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