How does this happen?

I heard a news story today about a family where the wife disappears a couple years ago and the father then blows their house up, as in fire and gas explosion, with himself and his two boys inside. It is apparent that he committed suicide, murdering his two sons in the process. They now suspect he killed his wife also.

My question is: How does a man get to this point, where he is willing to kill his own wife and to also take the life of his young sons. (I think the boys were around 5 and 7.) This seems to me so twisted and unthinkable that I find it hard to understand at all. What made him so desperate? Surely, even if he was mad at his wife and killed her, he would not have held her actions against his own sons. Not to the point of killing them any way. How does a guy go from good daddy (the boys liked being with him and wanted to live with him) to killing them both and himself in one fell swoop?!

I just don’t get it.


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