Interesting post…and making money by blogging

So I’ve been reading this article about how to make money on a blog. Some interesting insights to say the least. It would be nice to make money from this blog. But, from what this guy is saying, I would probably need to post more often than once a month. (I’m not even sure I blog that often.) And I’d also need to focus this blog on one particular topic or area of interest, rather than just being a “catch-all.” Maybe I’ll just start one or two more. And besides the investment of time, it also takes a small investment of money which I can’t afford right now. But then again, nothing valuable is ever gained without some investment and/or sacrifice. 

I’m hoping, Lord willing, to do some more writing any way. Our local paper has contracted with me to do some sports reporting for them on an “as needed” basis. They call it “sports stringing”, and I would basically cover local high school and rec department games and do a short story on the main events and/or players. Not a lot of money, but a step in the door. So maybe I’ll just tack on some blog work onto the other writing time I’ll be spending. (Update: My first article was published, and surprise, they made it the front page feature of the sports section! Kind of cool for a no-name like me.)

Yeah, this post isn’t real interesting is it? Just an update I guess. That makes me think back to some of my more interesting blog posts. (At least they were interesting to me and got a lot of comment response.) Of course there is the post that introduced me to “Hetti”, whom I fell in love with shortly there after. ;o) That one was about some beautiful imagery in “The Chronicles of Narnia.” Then there was the one where I portrayed a conversation with my own soul. Like in the Bible when David says “Why are you downcast, O my soul?” So I did that and found it to be very fun and interesting to put words in the mouth of my subconscious. Even therapeutic.

Perhaps conversing with our soul is a key to self-discipline and self-mastery. Not to say that we have the power to defeat our “flesh” by ourselves. But that the new man, the Christ-like man, within the Believer needs the opportunity to put the reactions and emotional/fleshly turmoil of the soul to rest. Now don’t go out and start telling people “This guy on the Internet that I read pretty much every day [hey, we all can hope] says that talking to ourselves is the key to holiness.” Um….I wouldn’t go that far. But take the time to let your “old man” know who is the KING of your life. That is, of course, Jesus Christ. That flesh-man is dead with Christ, and the Spirit-man is alive with “newness of life.” (Romans 6,7,8)

Me: “You hearing this, O my soul?” 

Soul: “Yes….but wouldn’t it be…”

Me: “NO! No questions, no buts, no excuses, no justifications! You calm yourself and rest in the newness of life we have in Christ! You need to get the flesh out of you and let the Spirit drive.”

Soul: “I know. Yes, sir.”

Me: “That’s better.”


3 thoughts on “Interesting post…and making money by blogging

  1. As a fellow blogger with aspirations for something bigger, I can attest to the difficulty of keeping a blog going.

    My blog I, Pandora has just passed it’s 3rd birthday of relatively consistent updating.

    While at HQ and before and after I started 3 other blogs which each died from lack of interest (my own) and dedication (also my own).

    I haven’t spent too much time trying to make money from my blog. Aside from brief attempts at AdWords which proved more annoying than I like, I’ve really not tried at all.

    The best advice I’ve heard regarding blogging and building up a base capable of supporting a reasonable blog is consistency. Do not post every day, you’ll wear yourself out. But set a schedule and keep to it. Use the timed post features of your blog to write articles as you think of them, and then post them on a specific day.

    Start with one or two posts a week, get comfortable and consistent doing that. Then as you feel up to it, add another post each week.

    Consistency gives your readers an expectation. And it frees you from the constant “Should I write today?”

    Best of luck on this endeavor. The one other bit of info I’ve found rather discouraging is the number of blogs versus the number of blogs that actually make an income for their writers. Keep up the work and perhaps you’ll make it in the big leagues. 🙂

  2. Thanks VPSF. Actually, the tips are not mine, they are from the blog “Christian Personal Finance”, where the link leads to. Just thought I should give credit where credit is due.

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