Recently I was surprised to learn something about my boss. Now, my boss is my age (almost to the day) and we share similar lives. (Both married, both with two kids, etc.) But he is a lot more successful in the business world. I mean, the man owns and runs his own restaurant. And this is his second one!!! As the world measures things he is way beyond me. (Not that such a standard is the right or best one, but it is a standard, and is worth mentioning for this thought.) So he carries a certain “gravitas” and persona that gives me a certain idea of his personality. Therefore it just never occurred to me that he would enjoy video games like I do. Yeah….like PS3, Wii, playing Metroid Prime, RPGs, etc. I think he’s actually a gamer. Or at least a retired gamer. He talked about playing a lot in college, but not as much now. He became as animated over talking about video games as I have seen him get over anything. Sort of opened a door to his personality that I didn’t expect.

I liked it. Go figure.


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