Portraits Series – Observations of Life from Behind the Counter

What is a portrait? It is a picture. It’s a window into the face, features, and deeper than that the personality, of the subject being portrayed. Traditionally the painter observes his subject and then portrays him, her, or it upon the canvas in a way that gives anyone who looks at the portrait a glimpse of the real person inside.

There is just one catch.

The portrait can only be done from the observations of the “painter.” His perspective of the subject is the one that we see. Not really any other. Whether right in front of the person, or from a great distance on the top of a hill, what he sees is what is portrayed. He cannot portray what he does not see.

So I would like to show you some portraits. Little glimpses into the lives of those I observe from my unique perspective: behind the counter of a “quick service restaurant”, a.k.a. fast food place. The characters that patronize our restaurant are as varied and unique as Rembrandt is from Picasso. Let me paint for you a picture that you may find funny, fascinating, sad, happy, or just plain weird.

These portraits will be from my perspective and my observations. I can only show you what I see. But perhaps you will find those little windows into the lives of others a help or a blessing to your own.

Check back soon for the first chapter. (Speaking of which, do y’all think this would make a good book?)


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