Coming together….at what cost?

There is a phrase frequently being spouted on the national scene from a variety of different sources. It seems to come from all sides of the political “aisle”, and is generally received as a true statement. Yet it is a statement that is fundamentally flawed. And to be quite honest, I’ve had about all that I can stand of the following phrase:

“This country needs to come together.”

*Gag!* Why? My instinctive reaction is to say “Why do we need to come together?” I suppose it is because of the assumed power of “unity.” But that brings another question. Under what banner should we be united?

Should we adopt the principles of conservative leaders, such as smaller government, lower taxes, fewer government programs, strong family values, abolition of abortion, etc.? I doubt liberals would be willing to “come together” under those conditions.

So should we go far left and unite under the banner of socialized everything, big government programs (requiring big government money), tax and spend, global warming hysteria, homosexual marriage, abortion on demand, etc.? Uniting under those principles will never happen, mostly because a huge portion of America (most of the “fly over country”) would revolt first.

Well, then let’s unite under a watered down, neutered version of both ideologies that compromises the principles of both and makes us all look like sissies! Yeah, that sounds real appealing. No thanks.

So this seemingly nice sounding platitude, “Let’s all come together”, is really just an emotional wild card that can be used to mean almost anything depending on the background of the….“statement maker.” It’s usually used when the speaker has nothing substantive to say. And yes folks, I’m sick and tired of it!

Some things are worth being divided over. Unity sounds nice, but in reality there are evil people who believe, and promote, evil things. We can’t simply try to find a compromise. They must be defeated! We must fight against them! We can’t always “come together” and “talk about our disagreements.” Some philosophies and ideas cannot be reconciled because they are fundamentally opposites.

So don’t ask me for “peace at any price.” Don’t tell me we need to “come together.” Come together and become what? What we will become in the future is exactly what we are fighting about, and that fight is one we cannot afford to lose. If the price of unity is to be defeat, then I will take conflict and division fighting for the Right. You can keep the unity.


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